Nostalgic Sendai | SENDAI, JAPAN


Nostalgic Sendai | SENDAI, JAPAN

To me, Japan is a magical country. There’s something so unique about them that I really like, maybe the alphabet, the fashion, the culture, or the scenery. Today’s #TBT is still going to be about Japan 🙂 The last TBT I have brought you guys with me to my journey in Tokyo, this time, it will be about my trip back to Sendai, my city where I spent my one year as an exchange student.

Sendai is the capital city of Miyagi prefecture and the biggest city of Tohoku region, located approximately 465 km north of Tokyo. With a Shinkansen train (high-speed train), it takes around 2 hours to get there.

My boyfriend and I left Tokyo after meeting our old friends at Ueno and visiting the Imperial Palace with the Shinkansen (he was sad that we couldn’t take the newest train, which is faster.) We were agitated and thrilled that we were really going back to Sendai, which is the city we met, got to know each other, fell in love, and create important memories before we had to be apart. We were there only for 4 days, which were reaaaaally short for us. Our itinerary was simple: recreating Sendai memories 😉 We rode a bicycle instead of taking a bus or train because we knew the way so well. We went to our university, had our favorite canteen meal (Chicken Katsu Kare everyone), checked out the place, went to say hi to our professors, met our old friends, spent a night at Kokubunjo, went to our favorite restaurants, shopping, buying souvenirs, and basically, reminiscing our precious moments. At the time we were there, Sendai was embellished in colorful traditional decorations prepared for the Tanabata festival (Star festival). The weather was summery, a bit humid, and partly rain. The city has also greatly developed, for instance, we went to our campus by a new subway line (and we were so excited like a child 😉 )

On the last day we went back to Tokyo and went directly to the airport to fly back to Thailand. It was a very memorable 9 days which acts as a reminder for me to always find a chance to go back more often. For those of you who are still in school, believe me, go.abroad. is one of the best things you definitely should do. You will experience many things you can’t find in the classroom, you will have friends from countries you have never thought of, and you will never see the world like you use to again 🙂

Have you ever been to Japan? How did you like it? xx


Shirt: Pull&Bear (similar here & here)
Cardigan: Zara (old)
Skirt: Wonder Rocket (old)
Pants: Uniqlo (similar here)

Oversized shirt: Monki (similar here)
Sequin skirt: H&M (old)
Massenger bag: H&M (old)

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