Off shoulder black top with bell sleeves: Shopee (here)
Skirt: H&M (old)
Shoe: Adidas Superstar (here)
Bag: Coach (old)
Sunnies: Super (old)
Hi Sunshine! xx Today is Thursday and you know what it isss, it’s throwback Thursday!!! 😀 and today I’ll walk you guys through my recent trip to Japan last July.

As a former exchange student in Japan, I’ve alwaaaaays wanted to go back. I’ve sought for any possibility to make this trip happen since 2014. My memories about Japan is still vivid and clear as it is one of the best years in my entire life. Even though I didn’t stay with a host family like I did in Germany, but with tons of friends from all over the place, Japan couldn’t make me feel any better than home 🙂

This time my boyfriend and I were there for 9 days, which for us who used to live there for a year is only like sixtieth of hour. Still, we were very appreciated that both of us could go back and we were really looking forward to this trip.

We landed at Narita airport and stayed at an Airbnb place outside Tokyo city. It took some time to go into Town but with the suburb vibe I used to live I couldn’t be happier. The only thing I wish we could have was bicycle, because we always came back very late (We are so not an early bird hehe) and the bus already stops running. So most of the time we had to either walk or take a cab back to our place. Anyways, we were in Tokyo for 3 days before heading north to Sendai, our beloved city 🙂 In Tokyo we just did everything like we used to do 3 years ago: go to popular places (so basic here), take Purikura (Japanese style) stickers, shopping, and most importantly, meeting friends! I’m so glad to be able to see my old friends again since 2013. My top recommendations for Tokyo is Shibuya and Harajuku for a shopping trip, Tokyo Tower and Ueno for a relaxing day, and Odaiba beach for a romantic night (My boyfriend and I visited Odaiba for our first date in Tokyo as well ;))

On the next TBT I’ll be sharing you guys about my trip to Sendai 🙂 Stay tuned xx




Cute outfit and great pics!



aww thank you so much dear <3 I'm your fan!

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